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ActiveDen - CoolTemplate

ActiveDen - CoolTemplate | 111.5 Mb


CoolTemplate is a very versatile template with unique style and sofisticated development with the highest programming techniques for ActionScript 3.0, It has a wide range of components and internal modules making it an attractive option for Graphics Designers, Bands, illustrators, video producers and whatever is on your mind.

- Unique design.
- Developed completely OOP.
- Full XML driven.
- Easy customization and update.
- Global Colors: with a few changes enjoys a new look and feel.
- Allows to customize all internal components easily.
- JukeBox (Audio Player with PlayList).
- Optional Sound Spectrum you can add to the JukeBox.
- Tickets to show song names playing.
- Disc Bin to extend the user interaction and at the same time give it a playful style to CoolTemplate.
- Optional shuffle mode (Audio Player).
- Interactive CircularGallery: Allows to navigate for all the content in a original way and show images, videos and songs.
- Covers: Give life to your images, videos, and song previews.
- CoolTemplate uses a new goTo Component called CoolFrame

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