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IconShock: SuperVista Networking

IconShock: SuperVista Networking
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This set of icons will be helpful for webs related to linking two or more computing devices together for the purpose of sharing data, making a dozen of different concepts easy to understand for users, as networks are organized in several different ways this set contains the most used icons trying to enclose all areas. This icon set is oriented to companies dealing with communication services, business development and peer- to- peer networks too. This set includes icons for network technologies and site management such as satellite, video conference, broadband, cookies, virus, security and cluster, media players (control panel, amplifier, audio, loop, shuffle, play list and more), hardware components (cellphone, router, cable modem server, network card, firewall, switch )commonly used file formats (JSP, PHP, ASP, including different figures for files and folders containing such formats) and general internet functions and components (similings, port, password and login). Additionally, each category has a complete subset of adds-on that expands its functionality (add, remove, save, configure and more).

IconShock: SuperVista Networking

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