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IconShock: SuperVista Multimedia

IconShock: SuperVista Multimedia
2016 AI | + PDF Preview | 425.18 Mb

Seeing an image of an object has more impact than reading about it. Use multimedia set to impact you clients. In this collection you will find icons of connections that link workstations together also many different types of transmission media, combining sound, pictures, and video. It can be useful for sites related to online training, briefings and courses, while our icons synchronize what your clients see with what you want them to learn, giving them the right tools to an efficient learning.This set of icons bring you an original way to represents matters of media concepts and information elements that will fully integrate to your web development files and devices for sound and video editing programs too (midi, pcm, aiff, mp3, mpeg, and mov formats, amplify wave, compression, effects, video mix and more), media players (control panel, audio,loop, suffle, playlist and more), hardware components (iPod, knob, LCD, CD burning, DVD and more), and gaming development (tennis ball, soccer) . There is also a complete serie of adds-on (search, help, zoom and more) included for each one of the main icons.

IconShock: SuperVista Multimedia

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