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IconShock: SuperVista Database

IconShock: SuperVista Database
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This collection represents the graphic description in matters of media concepts and information elements related with object-relational, network, records, and pieces of Information or schema. The icons represents the most used buttons in database to easily be accessed, managed, and updated. This set of icons bring you an original way to represents matters of media concepts that contain aggregations of data records or files, such as sales transactions, product catalogs , inventories, and customer profiles. Providing users the capabilities of understand easily to control read/write access, specifying report generation, and analyzing usage trough the icons. In this collection you will also find information elements that will fully integrate to your web development files and devices for companies dealing with all fields of data management. Here you can find various icons oriented to the control of data flowing, including most of the more used functions in driver database like Oracle, SQL, Coldfusion, Mysql. These functions include fields, batch process, diagram, relation and much more.

IconShock: SuperVista Database

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