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Marlin Studios: Titanium Pack

Marlin Studios: Titanium Pack
Over 5000 Textures & 2000 References | TIFF & TGA, JPEG | 7.17 Gb

Marlin Studios: Titanium Pack

General Purpose Surfaces - Includes seamless textures such as bricks, roofing, grass, woods, rusted and aged surfaces, to name just a few of the 28 categories in this library. Also Included are matching bump maps for each texture.
Rustic Exterior Surfaces - 310 seamless and tileable textures, all created from photos shot in remote rural and older urban areas. Most textures are "stressed" representing the real world with categories such as aged doors and windows, stained concretes, rusted items, aged woods, pealing paint and much more. Also includes 310 matching bump maps.
Ultimate Interior Surfaces - 302 seamless and tileable textures, all original creations or processed from photos. Includes a broad selection of carpeting, floor tiles, wallpaper, marbles, parquet floors, etc.
Classic Stonework - Includes 348 seamless textures and bump maps you can use for architectural stonework, historic recreations or any application requiring stonework.
Downtown Surfaces & Signs - This library of 496 city textures and 105 signs allows you to create a detailed street scene or an entire cityscape. Textures provided for both modern and older cities. Includes many alpha maps and bump maps.
Classic Architectural Ornaments - Created by award-winning graphic artist and architect Eni Oken, who is known worldwide for her stunning texture creations. Features arches, wall backgrounds and patterns, windows, doors, frames and tiles.
Great European Textures - This unique library brings you 815 of the deep, rich textures you'll find only in the great cities of Europe - Venice, Rome, Athens and other great cities. And all textures are either seamlessly tileable or alpha maps.
Absolute Metal Surface - Features 341 textures - a wide selection of industrial metals, grates, siding, and more. Includes 57 exact color value swatches of the metals from the Periodic Table. Ever want to know the exact color of Gold, or Silver? With the color swatches, you can now map those colors as textures, then use shader effects to achieve your desired look.
Fabulous Fabrics - With the proliferation of 3D character models and the growth of 3D architectural visualization animations and renderings, a complete library of various fabrics has become a requirement for thousands of 2D and 3D artists. Features 320 fabric textures for clothing, upholstery, interiors and many other uses.
Rooftop Materials - Includes hard-to-find Clay Tile, Asphalt, Shingle, Slate, Metal and other useful roofing textures - and all seamlessly tileable. Also Included are matching bump maps for each texture.
Textures Of The Orient - Includes hard-to-find aged buildings, Oriental signs, doors, windows, statues and more! Also includes 404 bump maps. Great for computer games, virtual reality and depicting any city. Both contemporary and aged buildings included.
Panoramica Land & Sky - High-Rez Hemispherical Domes plus 360, 240 & 180 Degree Panoramic Skies
People In Motion - Populate your graphics worlds with animated people alpha map textures in business & casual attire - both walking & standing. Great for architectural and civil engineering visualizations.
Amazing Sci-Fi Textures - 225 unique textures, which are either seamless, alpha channel maps or backgrounds (2048 pixels). Includes a unique selection of space ship hulls, planet maps, moon maps, structures, portholes, starfields and more. Also includes matching bump maps, where applicable.
Animated Fire Textures - A library of animated fire sequences. 8 different looping, animated flames, digitized from Hollywood pyrotechnics specialist.

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