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Life - Motivational project (Videohive)

Life - Motivational project (Videohive)
HD 1280x720 | Adobe After Effects CS4, CS5 | Preview: JPG, FLV, AVI | 182.1 Mb


Life - a Motivational project. Useful for various purposes. Not only to motivate, it can be used for wedding slidehows, inspirational videos. Use your footage, that can be photos or videos in a creative way, present you photos, emotions, feelings in a unique way. If you want to say something or just send some messages - there are 12 placeholders for footage and text.

Main features are:
- 12 placeholder for text and footage
- HD Resolution 1280x720 / 25 fps
- All decorative elements (Strings and Flares) pre-rendered and included in the Main zip file
- No 3rd-party plugins used
- Simply to customize
- Music by Audiojungle author SongOfSnakes: Fields Of Green

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