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Effects: Film Clutter 2 (PAL)

Effects: Film Clutter 2 (PAL)
720x576 | PAL | 25 fps | QuickTime (mov) | 4.74 Gb


For months, Artbeats developed techniques to damage film for the coolest results possible, and the results are found here with all new footage of countdowns, leaders, grain, scratches, light leaks and gate artifacts. Many clips include mattes for layering over your existing footage for an incredible look! This product explores a new category we call Gate Havoc which includes threading film, de-railed and twisted film, hair-in-the-gate and the highly requested FRAME BURN. This is some of the most useful effect footage available! And if you don't find what you need here, be sure to see the original Film Clutter for even more options. Collection contains 86 clips.

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